Where am I? 

Today has been tough. You've had quite a stressful day at work and are ready to get home and put your feet up. But first, you have to take the train home and...where are your glasses?

You get on the train and sit down. You go into your bag to find your glasses.

Oh no, I think I've left my glasses at work... And I have no idea what stop I should be getting off at!

*You look around the carriage for a map of the stations. Whilst walking, you bump into someone because you can’t see.

Oh! Sorry! I didn't see you there.

No problem. Just watch out for other passengers - this is a crammed train.

Why did the passenger warn you to watch out for other passengers?

You find a map in the next carriage and sit down to look at it. You are squinting across the train. A woman approaches.

Excuse me, what are you looking at?

Why do you think the woman may have been slightly confrontational?

Oh I wasn't staring at you - I can't see my stop because I left my glasses at work.

Which stop are you getting off at?

Mei Foo!

I'm sorry to say that you have missed your stop...

And I thought this day couldn't get any worse! I'll just have to get off at the next stop.

It might not be that easy - you're stop isn't even on this line. You're on the wrong train.

You're kidding!

How should you thank the woman for her help?

Post activity discussion questions:

Q1: Why do you think the prolonged eye-contact/staring could have been considered as rude?

Q2: How is staring perceived in your culture?

Q3: Who should change their behaviour, you or those in your personal-space?

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