Don't be an  

idiot abroad

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! To help you figure out what that is we've built Context, an online cultural education tool. So you don't get thrown to the lions.

We didn't have context

We’ve been there. The holiday of a lifetime or meeting of your career, and we did something awful. We wandered in blind. We didn’t know what we were doing.

So we built it

Context takes you through engaging stories that give you an understanding of what to expect.

We built it for:

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Culture, stat!

3-5 minute stories mean there's no excuse not to learn. 

Why not try one out? Click one of the stories below!

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Sorry I'm late, boss!


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Mind the gap!

Verbal Communication

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The big hello


What people say...

Prechard Mhako

 Business Development Consultant | Zimbabwe

African culture is diverse, so whilst we had learned about American culture, we had not learned about the melting pot of African cultures we would encounter whilst there [The University of Iowa, Mandela Washington Fellowship].

I think Context would have given me a deeper insight into other cultures and would have helped me through my journey.

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